Coconut Oil for Cooking (RBD Coconut Oil) with a high content of lauric acid, easily absorbed by the body, fatty acids from coconut also help to strengthen the immune system and suitable for food processing at high temperatures while retaining the full flavor of the dish.

"Memorize" the benefits from coconut

The Coconut fruit has long been familiar in the daily life of each of us. In addition to being used for beverage, coconut also has many different uses. In particular, coconut meat, coconut milk/cream, coconut oil, coconut milk beverage are all easy-to-use products and provide nutrition in the daily diet.

Particularly for women, coconut oil is also favorably used in beauty, skin care and hair. Because coconut oil contains antioxidant compounds that help prevent the destruction of free radicals, improves wrinkles and increase skin elasticity, softens skin smooth. The fatty acids in coconut also have antibacterial properties, helping to treat psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, acne, and pimples. Not to mention, lauric acid the main ingredient of coconut oil also helps to protect hair roots, preventing hair loss.

Coconut oil is favored by women it is also favored for use in beauty, skin care, and hair.

In addition to its beauty benefits, coconut oil is also used by housewives in daily cooking. More than 50% of the fats in coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid that is easily absorbed into the body, helping to increase resistance, strengthen the immune system. However, not everyone is wise housewives without the standards to choose a reasonable coconut oil, good for the health of the whole family.

Modern women are interested in healthy cooking oils

Cooking oil is often the first ingredient used in the processing of dishes such as frying, stir-frying, baking, salad, etc which are decisive to the quality of family meals. Therefore, the concern and selection of quality, healthy cooking oil are always of primary concern, especially in the time of epidemic must to priority in strengthening the immune system and increasing the resistance.

In the current vegetable oils, coconut oil is known for its many uses good for health, good for the heart and good for the immune system. However, there are 2 kinds of coconut oil that consumers often confuse and need to distinguish before using.

Extra Virgin coconut oil is a fatty oil extracted from mature coconut nut, the oil has white or light yellow color, with a low melting point of 24-26 degrees Celsius. If using extra virgin coconut oil for cooking, it is easy to burn, losing the flavor of the dish. Therefore, with these oils are often used in beauty,  mixing salad.

The second is Refined Coconut Oil. This is coconut oil that has been refined to be suitable for the cooking process. Refined coconut oil through many stages will make the coconut oil flavor disappear, which helps to keep the natural delicious taste of the dish without being overwhelmed by the coconut oil flavor.

Refined coconut oil is suitable for cooking with many health benefits

Another outstanding advantage of refined coconut oil is the low boiling point of 175 degrees C, the lowest of all cooking oils and lower than the average of 250 degrees C to 300 degrees C of other cooking oils on the market. Therefore, when cooking with coconut oil at a temperature of 190 degrees C, especially fried foods, fried high degree Fuming not happen the scorched, damaged food or harmful toxins.

Not to mention, thanks to the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil, lauric acid typically is transferred directly to the liver and converted into energy is easily absorbed into the body. From there, helping the body not to store fats in coconut oil, but to use it to produce alternative energy and improve the health of the user, support immune system, antibacterial, and reduce cardiovascular diseases.