It is no wonder that the healthy food trend has been "crowned" in recent years. Young people increasingly choose to live healthy from natural foods, provide green energy live without " a bland" at all!

It is undeniable that young people are always the ones who welcome new positive trends, and quickly turn them into trends that bring benefits to life, especially for health. Many young people began to focus on eating healthy, practicing science to be healthy from inside. Choose clean, naturally sourced foods and avoid foods high in cholesterol and drinks high in sugar.

Healthy lifestyle trend

Today, Generation Y or Z focus on physique, appearance and physical health. To improving the life, young people persistently do more exercises and diets. Needless to say, when it comes to proving that gyms are on the rise day by day, the groups or fan page share healthy recipes with a skyrocketing amount of interaction. You will never want to stay out of the way when this healthy eating trend is on the rise.


Many young people began to focus on eating healthy, practicing science to be healthy from the inside.

Follow any forums or facebook, we also easily see a wide range of sports movements such as running, marathon, cycling, swimming, etc attract to young people. This is probably the result showed that the positive benefits of healthy living trends are changing young Vietnamese health.

What is the criteria for healthy eating and drinking?

May you not know, in order to maintain a good body, strong health, the diet is very important, from 60-70%, while exercise just 30-40%. Therefore, the selection of food and drinks healthy nutrition is a top priority.

1. Healthy foods

Exercise and eating science is always a parallel in all plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the selection of foods should be:
- Origin from nature, organic food.
- Less sugar, no cholesterol, no harmful substances are preferred by many people.
- In addition, the principle of a healthy diet is to increase the amount of protein, fiber, increasing the amount of vegetables increase the rate of metabolism.


To maintain a balance body, strong health, the diet is very important, accounting for 60-70%, while training up only 30-40%

2. Nutritious beverage

Frankly, the beverages are also really essential for the body cleansing that many young people choose to live green very seriously. The current beverages should be tolerated inside body are preferred:
- Popular is natural fruit juices, pure fruit juices, plant milk.
- Green tea and coffee with a moderate dose each day.
- Most importantly, the water should always provide enough water daily.
- The beverage contains good fats for the body...

A scientific diet always need a balance of nutrients and provide adequate essential for the body, with particular emphasis on the fat. In fact, many people still mistakenly think that being fat will have negative effects on health. However, the science has proven that if you use food wisely and selectively, it is possible to enjoy the amazing benefits of healthy fats.

Have the mention to acid lauric, a medium-chain fatty acid found in fresh coconut is very easy to absorb into the body, brings many health benefits such as minimizing cardiovascular diseases, antimicrobial effects, and enhancing resistance. Lauric acid extracted from coconut is also used for food processing, nutritional beverage to supplement daily menus such as coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil, etc


Vietcoco Organic Coconut Milk beverage provides energy for physical activities with additional beneficial nutrients in a healthy daily diet.

Understand the demand for nutritional beverage from pure coconut, at the same time keeping good nutrients for the body, Vietcoco brand launches Organic Coconut Milk beverage. With the natural raw material from Ben Tre, the product was produced by modern UHT sterilization technology, which preserves all beneficial fatty acids, low sugar, does not contain GMOs, replenishes necessary energy for the body and contributes to improving the fitness for young Vietnamese. In addition to the pure coconut milk beverage product, Vietcoco brand also develops an organic coconut plantation to provide products European, US, and JAS organic standards.