Vietcoco change corporation identify in order to align brand strategy with business strategy, expand the domestic market and generally reach the world market. 

Be a leading brand of Ben Tre’s coconut products is owned by Luong Quoi Coconut Limited Company, famous for coconut products manufactured by modern technologies. With more than 20 years in the coconut industry and export to more than 40 markets around the world, Vietcoco has provided to global retail supermarkets, which are loved and chosen by customers. LQC pioneered the development of organic materials in Ben Tre to create clean organic products that meet US, EU and Japan standards such as Organic extra virgin coconut oil, Organic coconut milk, Organic coconut water, Organic coconut milk drink,…

In order to mark a milestone in implementing a new strategy, Vietcoco changes its corporation identify, enclosed are changes in product and market development strategy, suitable to the new period. Mr. Cu Van Thanh – Director of Luong Quoi Coconut shared about the business plan after introduce a new corporation identify in 2021.

Mr. Cu Van Thanh – Founder of VietcocoBrand. Figure: Vietcoco.

- Why Vietcoco decided to change the corporation identify?

- As the pioneer brand to bring coconut products to domestic and foreign customers, we understand that the brand is “the heart” of the business. When business direction changes, the brand strategy needs to change in order to catch up the new trends and the markets.

Since 2019, Luong Quoi Coconut has changed its business strategy to adapt to the domestic market. Products under Vietcoco have adjusted flavor, image to suit Vietnamese customer’s tastes and still modern and luxurious. Therefore, domestic revenue reached 30% of total revenue, to bring coconut products to more customers in Vietnam.

The main purpose of the new corporation identify to create a consistent image, show continuous innovation, bring a high quality product to customer, which is good for health and bring closer values to customer needs and create a new step for the leading coconut product brand in Vietnam. This is considered the most important milestone in our long history of operation and development

- What does the new corporation identify mean?

- The new corporation identify is inspired by the 5-petal apricot flower that leads to success, the logo with the words V together means follow the company’s operating motto “Safety, quality, responsibility for development sustainable” is arranged into a 5-petal apricot flower. We consider this is a symbol of  "five blessings". The first is joy, the second is happiness, the third is longevity, the fourth is advantage, the fifth is harmony, which bring the core values of Vietcoco. From that point, Vietcoco produces coconut products with outstanding quality.

The message of the new corporation identify is “The Essence of Vietnamese Coconut” to honor the brand’s vision, mission and desire to step by step affirm its leading position in manufacturing, trading and exporting coconut products, represents the Vietnamese’s relentless efforts.

The new logo of Vietcoco.

We have also adjusted the font, added icons to increase identity and recalibrated the logo’s appearance to fit across all products. Identification factor is shown on the currently trendy “Blue Royal”. The red dot emphasized at a word V show the affirmation of the determination to develop Vietcoco brand to become the leading brand of manufacture coconut products such ad coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut milk drink, desiccated coconut, toasted coconut chips, coconut butter,…

This new corporation identify is a new step, opening up opportunities for cooperation and strong development, becoming a reliable brand. We will continue to research and develop more and more new products with higher quality, suit to customer tastes, while promoting the strategy of developing sustainable brands, improving the competitiveness of the brand in the domestic and international market. Besides that are commitments towards the community, performing the social responsibility of a national brand, positively contributing to the overall development of our country Vietnam.

-  How is the itinerary for brand identity transformation take place?

- We have a distribution channel system from supermarket to retail stores, traditional market and e-commerce such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada and on our website When we introduce our new corporation identify in 2021, we have an itinerary for launching simultaneously throughout the distribution system. During transfer, the old and new corporation identify will remain parallel until the old packaging is out of stock. Vietcoco in a new color is mature change but still retain its own quality, the motto “purely natural” in each product will not change. We will provide our customers with new colors and enjoyable experience when holding Vietcoco's products.