Expanding investment and aspirations to conquer the world, since 2009, Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd. has taken important pioneering steps to bring coconut to international market. 

Vietcoco is still growing well in the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

In 2020, The Covid-19 pandemic causes many changes in the global economy and society. In Vietnam, many businesses face bad debts and crises, and the effects of natural disasters and epidemics also cause economic slowdowns. 

Standing up to these difficulties, many businesses still keep growing by sustainable development strategies in which Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd is one of the few leading companies leading in production and export to the world's leading developed countries still recorded impressive numbers; The export turnover reached more than 50 million USD, the total SKU more than 50 products are distributed throughout the provinces and countries around the world. 

Luong Quoi coconut products are displayed in leading supermarkets in developed countries such as the US, Canada, Europe ..Vietcoco brand is awarded the title "Vietnam Value" by the Prime Minister for many years. 

Mr. Nguyen Truong Thinh – Deputy Sales Director received the National Brand Award in 2020. Customers are not only partners but also friends. 

In 2009, Luong Quoi Coconut Co.,Ltd owned 3 brands in Vietnam, namely Thanh Vinh brand, Dragon brand, and Vietcoco brand. In 2018, the company focuses on building strong, making Vietcoco become the only strategic brand representing Luong Quoi coconut to bring Vietnamese coconut products to consumers. 

 Vietcoco's coconut products at Metro France, one of the "difficult" markets, have been conquered by enterprises. 

Conquering difficult markets such as Europe, Vietcoco's products have passed strict food safety and quality tests, receiving the trust and satisfaction of many long-term partners: 
“Vietcoco products have the taste is very own and stable. Over the years, we still strongly believe and feel secure as a Vietcoco partner. Every year we meet each other at major trade fairs to learn and develop new product lines to meet the needs of consumers "- shared from Vietcoco partners. 

Conquer "fastidious" customers with prestige and quality. 

Korea is considered a standard market, requiring imported products of high quality and rigorous testing. This is a great challenge for Vietcoco to enter the market, as well as a driving force for businesses to promote innovation and manufacture products that meet international standards. 

Currently, Korean consumers are completely assured to choose Vietcoco products, which fully meet the product criteria and requirements of this market including fresh coconut water, coconut milk, virgin coconut oil. 

Vietcoco proud of Vietnam Value, we always makes an impression on the brand image when participating in international fairs and exhibitions. 

With the motto "Safety - Quality - Responsibility for sustainable development", Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in Ben Tre province to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) FDA numbering. Coconut products with Vietcoco brand are recognized to meet international standards such as ISO, HACCP, BRC…, are eligible to enter demanding markets such as Europe, US, Canada, Korea, Japan.

A full set of Vietcoco coconut products - a gift for health to your loved one! 

With continuous efforts in research and development, Vietcoco products processed from coconut such as coconut milk drink, coconut water, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, toasted coconut chips,... were widely introduced at international trade fairs such as Foodex Japan, Seul Food Korea, Anuga Germany,...

Not only stop to here, Vietcoco export to more than 40 markets around the world and  expect to grow in the coming period, will grow rapidly, pioneering efforts to make a mark of Vietnamese enterprises in the field coconut processing and production to increase brand awareness among domestic and international consumers.

Vietcoco is the leading brand of Ben Tre coconut products. Products are manufactured on modern technological lines at the factory of Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd. With more than 20 years in the coconut industry and exported to more than 40 countries around the world, the products from the factory-supplied to the world retail supermarkets are loved and selected by customers everywhere. 

The company pioneered the development of organic coconut materials in Ben Tre to creating organic products of the United States, Europe, and Japan organic standards such as virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, fresh coconut water, coconut milk,...