The trend of looking for organic food and increasing resistance is increasingly popular with consumers. 

In Europe, America and developed countries in general, organic food is favored and preferred to use. This trend is spreading positively to other countries around the globe.

Although the organic product market needs expensive investment, since 2011, Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd. has invested in building an organic coconut plantation. The enterprise's products meet USDA organic standards of the US, EU and JAS of Japan, certified by Control Union - a global network of quality control and consultancy since 2015. 

We also gradually orientates to build and develop coconut material areas according to organic standards with a roadmap and goal. The small construction area initially laid the foundation for the goal of expanding the area to reach 10,000 hectares. Every year, the company's team of experts will search for quality coconut orchards with high fruit yield to expand the organic area.

The Coconut of Luong Quoi company meets USDA organic standards of USA, EU and JAS of Japan.

The company's organic coconut acreage develops in a positive direction from area to yield. From 400 hectares of the original area with a yield of 6 million fruits/year, by 2019 the area of organic raw materials has increased to 4,400 hectares, the output reach 60 million fruits/year. The main areas for developing organic coconut areas are distributed in 4 districts with the top area, yield and quality of the province are Mo Cay Nam, Giong Trom, Binh Dai, Thanh Phu.

The organic material area of Luong Quoi Coconut follows the principles of cultivation. Specifically, from raw materials meeting organic standards, the company put into production and complies with strict requirements, providing consumers with a variety of products under the Vietcoco brand such as coconut milk, coconut water. , coconut milk, desiccated coconut, toasted coconut chips, extra virgin coconut oil...

Vietcoco organic products own strict production processes from coconut planting to harvesting, processing and packaging. Vietcoco is committed to bringing clean, high-quality products with the best nutrients from coconut to domestic and foreign consumers. The Quality control process is always separate and strict to ensure no invasion, cross-contamination with other products.

The first organic coconut farm model was built by  Vietcoco in 2011.

Organic products are not a new concept but have been introduced to Vietnam for a long time, especially after food safety and hygiene issues are concerned. However, not many consumers use this product due to the high cost. Vietcoco organic was born with the desire to bring consumers in Vietnam a lot of experiences about green, clean and pure standard products with organic standards, at reasonable prices. In the future, the company will have more new products to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the market and towards clean products, the green world