Nowadays, plant milk becomes more and more popular, appears on the shelves of most supermarkets these days: soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, rice milk, oat or peas. Choosing the right plant that ensures green, clean and nutritional criteria is the concern of most customers. With a high content of vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and E that help maintain a healthy body, develop and strengthen the immune system, coconut milk is a bright candidate to help provide nutrients, which can substitute for cow’s milk.

Catching the new trend, in 2021, Vietcoco introduced Coconut Milk Drink with a new dynamic look, personality and superior features. The innovative combination of nutrition between coconut water and coconut milk creates the coconut milk drink with natural sweetness better for your family’s health. Made and processed on TetraPak production line with direct UHT in a short time to help protect the flavors and nutrients of the product. The Vietcoco coconut milk drink was launched with 3 versions: Organic coconut milk drink, Calcium supplemented coconut milk drink, Chocolate coconut milk drink with a sweet taste and Tetra Prisma 330Sq box extremely convenient, modern and eco-friendly. As a whole made trio products with flavors from the nature and which has all conditions to become the product of the upcoming development strategy.


Coconut milk has a natural flavor and less protein than almond milk. Compared to other plant milk, coconut milk contains a little medium-chain fat that is beneficial for your health. The low-fat content of plant milk, with beneficial protein content, so plant milk is a perfect substitute for cow’s milk or goat’s milk – lactose milk.

The dairy-free diet without animal milk is beneficial for your body and health in many ways such as improving digestion, preventing acne, promoting weight loss, improving metabolism, and energy levels. and does not cause inflammation - leading to the growth of harmful gut bacteria linked to a number of chronic diseases and conditions, including leaky gut syndrome. Vietcoco believes that this breakthrough will bring consumers an enjoyable experience and enriched nutrition for your family.