As affirmation with customers, partners as well as employees about the development strategy and long-term vision in the future of the Board of Directors, VIETCOCO brand identity was innovated on January 1, 2021. This is one of the few Vietnamese enterprises that grew well in the COVID-19 pandemic and brought the Vietnamese coconut brand name to the world.

Composition of the new Vietcoco brand identity

The new logo design needs to be in line with the growing trend of brand in order to avoid being saturated with brand nuances. Therefore, the new Vietcoco logo not only retains the pure Vietnamese element, but also closely product nature and shows the uniformity in all designs.

The brand name with the "VIET" element shows the Vietnamese identity clearly combined with the noun"COCO" which is the representative of Coconut, convering the essence of coconut products. The logo design uses abstract stylized images of coconut shell, mixed with coconut leaf slices to create bold and strong font, showing the firm and trustworthy of the brand. The main color used in the Vietcoco brand identity is blue with red. Blue creates a feeling of mellowness, loyalty, building trust to customers. The red color on blue background is inspired by the simple, compassionate but enthusiasm people to make the freshest and nutritious coconut products to give friends, customers all over the world.

The letter V is designed in a stylized way, with diversified lines to create a unique mark of the company; such as showing stability and success belief, continuous development in every journey to bring feelings of trust from the heart. The breakthrough in the V-shaped line also shows flexibility, dynamism and diversity in business forms. Not only rise up strongly but also innovation with the times like a blooming petal with full of vitality and ready to fulfill its mission.

The symbolic part at the end of Vietcoco is also inspired by this stylized letter V. The letters V combined together create a flower with 5 petals, representing "five blessings". The first is joy, the second is happiness, the third is longevity, the fourth is advantage, the fifth is harmony. The 5-letter V radiates 5 directions like the movement around a continuous orbit and a strong connection, associate Vietcoco will be present in the world and it will be in balance despite turning in any direction. And that is also affirmed once again, Vietcoco brand will be a reliable choice for quality not only for Vietnamese consumers, but also to the world.

The change is comprehensive and essential

A combination of factors such as experience, love with a coconut tree and a subtle message contains into products like pure premium coconut oil, refined coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut milk drink, coconut water, toasted coconut chips, desiccated coconut chips,etc. Products under Vietcoco brand name are not only diversified in product categories but also one of the few brands in Vietnam that meet technical standards in order to export to the US, EU, and Japan, such as USDA, EU and JAS Organic Certification, Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and Fair Trade.  Previously, coconut products were mainly known from countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, now product of Vietnam, Vietcoco's products are launched with international quality to all the world. The brand constantly innovation itself and provide many quality product lines to meet the needs of diverse customers.

As a lesson which is learned from other brands, products cannot compete if it has good quality only, so it is required that  Vietcoco has to provide well in product quality and in addition to type of packages and packaging design shoud be fashion and elegance. Besides, the marketing campaigns, images on social media channels must be the most attractive and different.

Each stage of Vietcoco timeline is a story about the brand founder's lofty vision and mission, desire to enhance the level of Vietnamese agricultural products, increase the value of Vietnamese coconut products, become a top reliable brand in Vietnam.